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Hey all! Sorry about the "Russian Women" post someone posted. I deleted it and the person as a member.

It's been a while but I would really love for people to start posting fics and/or art that they've found.



Hey, what's up?  I thought I would post an entry here.  If anybody ever gets on here anymore, then comment.  Also add me.  I don't really have any friends.  Thanks.

I love Reba!!!!!!!!!  :D

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Hi, I was just approved and figured I would introduce myself - I'm Adrian, 39 from NYC. I LOVE Reba (too bad it's not on the air anymore), Reba and Barbara Jean were my favorite characters (IMHO they made the show) so I was thrilled to find this community. I don't write fanfic, though I love reading it. So I won't be writing any fanfic for this community - but I make icons (bases mostly) and will be contributing with R & BJ icons, hope that's ok. Anyway just wanted to say hi to everyone and thanks for the community - Reba and Barbara Jean forever!!!!!

~ Adrian


I know it's been, like, forever, but I have a quote!!! The first of, hopefully, many!

Reba: "I know and since you are my only real estate client, I need a letter of recommendation"
Barbra Jean: "Oh, I'd loved too. Ohh...I already have three poems about you, that i could use. 'Reba's hair is red, violets are blue. If Brock ever left me, I'd marry you!'"
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Fic. Somewhere Between What Was and What Could Be. BarbaraJean/Reba. T.

Title: Somewhere Between What Was and What Could Be
Author: bwaybabi08
Rating: T
Pairing: Reba/Brock. Reba/BarbaraJean
Summary: Reba finally ahs the chance at the life that was stolen from her so mnay years ago. So, who does she choose?
A/N: Not mine! I just play in their world. Organized in Chapters. Incomplete.

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Fic. Decisions, Decisions. BarbaraJean/Reba. T

Title: Decisions, Decisions.
Author: bwaybabi08
Rating: T
Pairing: Reba/BarbaraJean
A/N: I don't own it!
Summary: Reba is tired of being the Other Woman. So, dearest Barbara Jean has a decision to make, once and for all. "It was then that they realized neither of them needed a man." How very right you are, Van!

"It was then that they realized neither of them needed a man."

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